Private Property Rights

Landowner rights are the foundational element of many disputes in rural America. As Will Rogers famously said, “good fences make good neighbors,” and at LandownerFirm we take that phrase to heart in every one of our cases. Every member of our firm comes from a rural background; that experience gives us an edge over your average big city attorney. Our firm is dedicated to helping landowners protect their homes and property.

Our firm’s landowner rights practice area encompasses many areas, including:

  • execution and defense of adverse possession claims
  • negotiation and execution of agricultural land leasing for either the lessor or lessee
  • property boundary disputes
  • negotiation of easements with county, city, or public utilities.

Negotiations and Litigation

In the past 15 years, our founding attorney Trae Gray has been involved in some of the most significant legal cases in Oklahoma. He successfully litigated a $60 million contract dispute. He fought and won a $73 million settlement for three Mill Creek families whose water supply was contaminated by sewage. Trae often negotiates (and if necessary has litigated) significant business disputes in excess of $100 million.

While our firm always tries to negotiate a settlement first – the most cost-effective option in most cases – we are ready to go to court in landowner rights cases involving:

Our team of experienced litigators has extensive experience in all areas of natural resource law, and a proven track record of results. Contact the to schedule a consultation at our Tulsa (Bixby), Oklahoma City or Coalgate office, or call 888-439-4729.