Attorney Referrals

Economies of scale, expertise in a particular area, the strength resulting in negotiating on behalf of a large group of Landowners, our in-depth understanding of what companies will or won’t do because we negotiate these same issues every day, knowing which experts to retain, familiarity with what terms to ask for, and a precise knowledge of what we can get on behalf of a Landowner before the negoiations ever start are just a few of the reasons why we receive referrals from other attorneys every day.

Our referring attorneys receive anywhere between 15% to 50% of the fees we earn depending on their involvement in the matter. All of our association or referral agreements with referring attorneys comply with the appropriate ethical requirements in the jurisdictions where the service is being provided.

Some of the other reasons we receive attorney referrals are:

  1. Referring attorneys don’t have to learn an area of the law that we already know very well, but can still earn a significant fee in the matter because of the relationship or marketing investment made in bringing the Landowner to LandownerFirm.
  2. Many times the Landowner will receive better representation from LandownerFirm, which results in a happier long-term client, because: (a) the Landowner joins a group of Landowners we are already representing;
    (b) the Landowner gains access to the best experts; and
    (c) we are able to get better terms because of our experience in the industry.
  3. Referring attorneys receive prompt payment when the matter is resolved and have little to no risk involved in the matter.
  4. Because we focus solely on Landowner issues, referring attorneys do not have to be concerned about us interfering with their client relationships in other areas where they normally represent their clients (this is compounded by the fact that our office is typically not located near the Landowners property and it simply doesn’t make sense to represent them on non-Landowner related matters).
  5. We always need local counsel in the jurisdictions where we practice and our referring attorneys are always our first choice.
  6. Referring attorneys receive good value for their relationships and marketing efforts, but don’t have to do a lot of the heavy lifting in a case to earn a significant portion of the fee.

If you are an attorney looking for assistance with a Natural Resource legal matter or are interested in referring one of your clients to LandownerFirm please contact us at 888-HEY-GRAY or fill out our Contact Us form.