Energy and Oklahoma Law

When it comes to mineral and energy related contracts, every party involved in the agreement needs the help of a law firm that truly understands the intricacies of Oklahoma energy law. Rural landowners need help protecting their land while maximizing their profits. Service companies need clear contractual guidance in uncertain conditions. Even large energy companies can find themselves on uncharted territory sometimes. 

In 2006, attorney Trae Gray founded this nationally recognized law firm devoted to natural resource law. He and his legal team at the have represented clients in some of the largest energy-related disputes in Oklahoma. Trae is listed in Top Trial Lawyers in America and is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, having successfully negotiated deals and litigated energy-related disputes with millions of dollars at stake. 

Whether you need an attorney to draft or review an energy-related contract, or you need an experienced litigator to fight for your rights in court, we can help. Contact the to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team or call 888-439-4729

The LandownerFirm represents property owners, small operators, service companies, and energy companies in oil, gas, and renewable energy contracts and disputes such as:

  • Surface Use Agreements: A mineral owner or lessee has the right to use land surface to secure minerals, such as oil and gas, without additional compensation to the surface owner. If protections and rights weren’t secured during the initial lease agreement, a Surface Use Agreement is the next best alternative. In Oklahoma, oil and gas companies are required to enter into a Surface Use Agreement before production begins. Surface use agreements are also used for pipelines or transmission lines or wind farms.
  • Farmout agreements: A typical farmout agreement defines and exchange of services for drilling of one or more oil or gas wells, rather than simply an exchange of money. The owner of the mineral lease assigns an interest in the lease to the “farmee” who will drill to the specifications in the contract. 
  • Joint Operating Agreements: Joint operating agreements (JOAs) are common contracts in the oil and gas industry used by those with mineral interests to collaborate on exploration and production on a gas or oil lease. The JOA will classify one party as the operator (the party doing most of the activities) and the other party as a non-operator (investors, financial institutions and others). Ensure you have a firm understanding of the terms for any joint operating agreement that will be signed. 
  • Subsurface Trespass: It is established in the law that all oil and gas extracted from a well that is lawfully owned by an operator and within the vertical boundaries of their property can be captured, even if that oil and gas “leaked” from a nearby property. But when a well bore “deviates” by going underneath a nearby property, that property owner can claim a subsurface trespass. 
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements for landowners or businesses

Energy Disputes and Litigation 

The LandownerFirm represents clients across the country in energy-related litigation, including cases involving contract disputes, surface damagepollution, and more. Clients seek out our firm because of our extensive experience in all areas of natural resource law, and our proven track record of results. We associate with local counsel when working outside of Oklahoma. 

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