“Trae Gray is always my first call when anything comes up related to my land.”


The Late Harland C. Stonecipher, Founder, CEO, and Chairman
Pre-Paid Legal Services
Coal County, OK

"Trae Gray is the lawyer other lawyers call when the lawyer, the lawyer’s family, or the lawyer’s clients need to know how to deal with a landowner related issue. He is well recognized for his knowledge in this practice area and his ability to bring exemplary results to landowners.”


Attorney John Branum
Branum Law Firm

"Your representation in our transmission line case was excellent. I will always call you for any landowner related issue. I am ecstatic about your services.”


Dr. George Carlson
Carter County, OK

"Being from an agricultural background, he understands what is important to farmers and ranchers when negotiating damages.”


Ty McMillan
Mason County, TX and Cowley County, KS

"Trae is a tough fighter that understands agriculture and is not your normal 9 to 5 lawyer.”


Jackie Cunningham
Carter County, OK

"Tenacious and sincerely devoted to protecting my rights as a landowner, Trae works hard remaining principled and honest. I would highly recommend him to any landowner.”


Mark Melton
Collin County, TX and Hughes County, OK

“Hardworking, relentless in his research, unwavering in the pursuit of my interests, while maintaining character and integrity.”


Gene Broome
Atoka County, OK

“A zealous advocate for our interests would be an understatement. We were engaged in a 3 year battle that settled one week before trial in federal court. Trae always made sure we were well informed and he was aggressive when necessary. He obtained an excellent result on our behalf.”


Zane Gray
Jefferson County, OK

“Aggressively protecting the rights of landowners, focused on the details, thorough, and giving 110%.”


Keith Cosgrove
Coal County, OK

"Trae Gray is the true definition of a modern day American Cowboy. He is relentlessly hard working and the most honest, trust worthy, straight shooting gentleman you’ll ever meet. He has a unique gift of cutting through red tape with intelligent simplicity. He can breakdown a complex situation in five words or less. He is a man of character, action, and has dedicated his life to serving others. His impact as a country trial lawyer in Southern Oklahoma revolutionized the way oil companies treat individuals. His persistence to meet deadlines, expectations, targets, and fight for what he believes in is evidenced by his reputation and those that deal with him. I would absolutely 100% recommend Trae as a Natural Resources Trial Lawyer."


Christopher Robin Nash
Denver County, CO

“Trae Gray is one of the most trustworthy, ethical, and loyal people I have ever met. While he consistently ranked top 5% - 10% at Dell, he was always truthful, honest, and compassionate to his customers. Should I ever choose to run my own company in the future, I hope to have Trae as my #1 officer.”


Lamar Romero
Travis County, TX

Additional references available upon request.
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