Jury Awards $73M

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$73 Million Jury Award Granted in Johnston County Sewage Spill

Trae Gray, Dallas Strimple, and Jason Aamodt
visiting outside of the courthouse after the verdict.

Tishomingo, Oklahoma, September 25, 2013 – On Tuesday, September 24, a Johnston County jury in Johnston County District Court awarded three Mill Creek, Oklahoma families $73 million in damages for 10 million gallons of sewage that was pumped into creeks and streams on their properties in October of 2006. In addition to recreational and aesthetic uses, the families relied upon the creeks and streams for their household water supply.

The case was filed in 2007 on behalf of the Sikes, Converse, and Shirley-Robbins families.

The jury assessed a $60 million punitive damage award against Mehlburger Brawley, Inc., an Oklahoma Engineering Firm, and B3, Inc., an Arkansas construction and excavation company, for wrongful conduct as it related to the sewage discharge.

Lead counsel in the case included Jason Aamodt, of the Environmental Law Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Trae Gray of LandownerFirm.com in Coalgate, Oklahoma.

“The jury voiced a clear message that water is one of the most valuable natural resources and that must be respected,” Gray said. “These clients were incredible. Over the past seven years they went through hell and never wavered. I believe the team approach we took to trying this case was unconventional and it worked. That team consisted of Jason Aamodt, Krystina Phillips, Dallas Strimple, and myself. Judge Migliorino, the jury and entire courthouse staff should be thanked for providing this venue for justice in the case,” he said.

Trae Gray with his
clients’ $73,000,000
box of justice.

One of the plaintiffs, Ava Converse, commented on the verdict.

“We waited seven long years for this and the jury’s award solidified what we, the families, knew all along about how wrong this was,” Converse said. “We, the families and the lawyers, became a family through all of this. We experienced a horrible thing, but through it all we became extremely close. I think the jury respected this and recognized that what happened was very wrong. All along, we wanted others to know that what B3 and Mehlburger Brawley did to the Sikes, Shirley-Robbins and my family was wrong. This has now happened and it means more to me than I can convey with words,” she said.

There were some unusual aspects to the trial, according to Gray.

“In an interesting turn of events, Mehlburger Brawley fired their attorneys three weeks prior to the trial, Gray said. “The case was tried on damages only as liability was determined prior to the jury taking the box. B3 was unwilling to leave Arkansas to appear for trial. A federal bankruptcy court previously denied B3’s request to discharge any judgment with respect to B3 and the families. This being a land damages case, the next step will be to seek approval of our attorney fees from the court. After that, we will try to collect these judgments on behalf of the families,” he said.

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Clients and trial team in front of the courthouse after the jury’s verdict – L to R – Jason Aamodt, Ryan Ellis, Dallas Strimple, Krystina Phillips, Shannon Shirley, Ava Converse, Bill Hyatt, Paula Converse, Phil Converse, Tamara Sikes, and John Sikes – Front – Reggie Robbins and Trae Gray


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