Practice Areas

  • Eminent Domain

    Eminent Domain

    The taking of a Landowner’s property by a government entity or public utility for a public purpose is known as eminent domain and condemnation is the legal process used for such a taking. Read More

  • Oil & Gas Leasing/Negotiations

    Oil & Gas Leasing/Negotiations

    Do not fall for the old landman trick that this is a “standard oil and gas lease.” There is no such thing. There are many “standard leases” and most totally favor the oil and gas company. Read More

  • Surface Damages

    Surface Damages

    At common law the dominant estate has the right to use as much surface as is reasonably necessary to develop the minerals. For years companies took the position that reasonably necessary meant they could do whatever they wanted. Read More

  • Class Actions

    Class Actions

    Landowners often bring class action lawsuits for environmental harm that affects a group of persons. This can happen with spills or releases of toxins, significant noise pollution, or other nuisances. Read More

  • Environmental/Pollution


    Environmental pollution cases often involve violations of the common law, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Resource Compensation and Liability Act, among others. Read More

  • Water Law

    Water Law

    The growing demand for water can produce significant uncertainties in regard to the availability of water and water rights. These uncertainties can be further complicated by numerous environmental restrictions. Read More

  • Noise Pollution

    Noise Pollution

    Do you feel like you now live in an industrial zone? If so, you may have a nuisance claim for noise pollution. Many companies have the technology to implement techniques to reduce noise but simply fail to do so. Read More

  • Pipelines


    When negotiating with a company regarding the placement of a pipeline on your property, it is crucial to know whether or not the company actually has a “right” to do so. Read More

  • Seismograph


    A seismograph is a device that detects vibrations in the earth and is used in studying the earth’s interior and in prospecting for the probability of hydrocarbons within the earth. Most operators engage independent contractors to conduct geophysical surveys in areas where they hold or are considering buying leases. Read More

  • Transmission Lines

    Transmission Lines

    Have you been approached by a public utility company regarding the placement of a transmission line on your property? If so, you may be wondering about your rights as a Landowner. Read More

  • Wind and Energy Contracts

    Wind and Energy Contracts

    The development of the wind industry raises many questions regarding land use, including competing rights to the surface by the surface owner and the mineral estate owner. Read More

  • Pore Space

    Pore Space

    The recent surge of interest in CO2 sequestration and the need to store salt water produced from oil and gas activity has made pore space ownership an increasing popular, yet extremely underdeveloped area of the law. Read More